Funny Farewell Letter

Funny Farewell Letter is made in order to have a happy atmosphere though someone is about to leave. This letter is made to notify regarding the forthcoming relocation to other company. Though the situation is sad, through this letter it enables to lighten the atmosphere for the one leaving and feel a happy mood before leaving the company.
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Family Reunion Welcome Letter

A Family Reunion Welcome letter is an important letter that makes the recipient welcomed back to the family, especially for a reunion. The letter holds forgiveness of past misgivings that a family is willing to part in welcoming back the recipient. Joyous times are ahead for the recipient and his family.
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Apology Love Letter

An Apology love letter can be written when one finds it hard to apologize face to face with a loved one. It is often hard to admit one’s wrong especially when loved ones are familiar with each other or both parties are too angry to listen. An apology letter is a good way to diffuse the anger and hurt as one reads the contents in a calmer environment.
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Parents Goodbye Letter

This letter format is used by a very emotional daughter writing to her parents, as she prepares to leave the family home for the first time, to go further afield to further her studies. She writes a very emotional thank you for all they have done for her during all the years she has lived with them, and they have been there for her.
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Letter of Goodbye

A letter of goodbye is a letter that you write to someone when they are leaving. These letters are usually very informal. These letters are usually very personal and are used to express any undisclosed feelings or thoughts the writer might have. The contents of a letter of goodbye vary greatly, but they usually include descriptions of the feelings the writer is having at the time.
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Letter of Business Proposal

A letter of business proposal is a letter that is sent to someone proposing a business idea. For example, if you had a good business idea, you may consider writing a letter of business proposal and sending it to potential investors to raise money.

Tips for writing a letter of business proposal

-Detail – give as much detail on your idea as possible. It all may make sense to you, but others might need extra information for it to make sense

-Be realistic – don’t make inflated claims or false promises
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Letter of Verification of Employment

A letter of verification of employment is a letter that is used to verify that you are currently employed in a certain position. Letters of verification of employment are commonly used when applying for a bank loan or when signing a lease agreement with a landlord. They are used to signify stability and that you will have an income coming in so you can make payments.
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Letter of Welcome

A letter of welcome is a letter that is usually sent to a new employee in an organization. Its main purpose is to let the new employee know that everyone is glad they are here, and to offer a support system in case they ever need any help. These letters are great for boosting employee morale and letting them know that they are now part of a team.
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Letter of Purpose

A letter of purpose is a general letter in almost any field that’s main objective is to state the writer’s purpose. It could be to find employment, to express wishes in attaining an academic entry slot, or even just to state their intentions in any other situation. They can be written by anybody, and can serve a wide variety of uses.

Tips for writing a letter of purpose:

  • Be clear: state explicitly what your intentions are
  • Be concise: don’t ramble on – just get to the point
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Letter of Farewell

A letter of farewell is a letter that is written from one party to another when one of them is leaving. These letters are most commonly sent in the workplace when a long time employee is leaving, and the management wishes to express their gratitude for the work he has completed. People really seem to appreciate these letters when they leave, because it shows that they were appreciated.
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