Apology Letter to Girlfriend

There are two types of expressing your apology or sorry to the person whom you have hurt one is verbal other one is in writing. Whereas writing a letter for making apology can be beneficial for getting great response. Whenever a person writes an apology letter he/she has to make sure that the letter should be written in a polite and good manner. So that whenever the person read the letter should accept your apology.
Ms. Patricia A. Buckingham

3871 Red Bud Lane

New London, CT 06320

07 September, 2010


Dear, Patricia

I am extremely sorry for my behavior with you on the day before yesterday. I have got very frustrated and been very rude to you. Actually what happened on that is my boss he gave me a fire and I was very upset about that and apart from that my presentation is also got rejected from my boss. Thus I was in tension and frustrated on my boss and at the same time you were making jokes. I know you were just trying to change my mood but I scrolled you and you got angry. Please forgive me and accept my apology. I assure you that in future I will see to it my professional life and personal life don’t get mixed up. As you are always been very supportive with me please regret my mistake. And please always be with me for the lifetime.

Mr. Marvin A. Hamlin

4636 Haven Lane

Quincy, MI 49082

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