Apology Love Letter

An Apology love letter can be written when one finds it hard to apologize face to face with a loved one. It is often hard to admit one’s wrong especially when loved ones are familiar with each other or both parties are too angry to listen. An apology letter is a good way to diffuse the anger and hurt as one reads the contents in a calmer environment.


William Wagner

1229 Queen Street
Oakland, ME 03253

June 18, 2010


Faye Dunne

315 Brimstone Ave
Morristown, NJ 13360

My Darling Faye

Re: Apology over busy work schedule

Please forgive me for not spending enough time with you last week. I have been so busy with my work that I was unable to spare you any free time. The company received a huge order which was urgent and had to be delivered by end of this week. The boss put out a circular to insist on overtime work and frozen leave until the end of the week.

I have had not the time to have my lunch many times last week due to the busy schedule at work. I am so sorry that I sounded so abrupt over the phone when you called. I don’t even have the time to send you a message until today.

I will call you as soon as I can complete my work. I do miss you and look forward to spend more time with you then.

Thank you for your kind understanding on this matter.

Yours truly,


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