Behavior Apology Letter

This letter would be addressed to superior or manager regarding the apology for the mistakes committed. It is one of the good ideas to state the exact reason for your apology. It shows the intent of your to admit for your mistakes. This letter confirms the reader that such a mistake will not be repeated again.


Alex M. Campbell
2554 Frum street
Nashville, TN 37201



Dear Sir,

I would like to sincerely apologies for my behavior with our clients and subordinates on (10th September 2010). I can only attribute it to the high level of stress which I am facing due to some serious family problems. The way I behaved with our clients and my subordinates was very rude and arrogant and I know such behavior of mine can affect the image of our organization and cause a serious damage to our market reputation.

I exactly know that this is not an excuse for my behavior at work after all any professional person should always keep his personal and professional life separate. But some times it’s difficult to keep these family problems out of your mind and I m facing the same situation right now. I assure u that I shall not repeat this miss conduct in the near future.

I genuinely and impatiently look forward to your high-mindedness.

Thanking You,


Alex M. Campbell

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