Business Apology Letter

This type of business apology letter would probably be addressed to customer clients, prospective business clients, associate partners, or even professional ones. This would signify the purpose for regret, any reasonable valid reasons, any compensation like discounts or rebates etc to be briefed up in a polite manner.
Mr. Kartik Shetty.

LMC Associates.

37/A, Hiranandani Gardens,

Powai Lake Road.

7th Sept’ 2010.

Subject: Business Apology Letter.

Dear Mr. Shetty;

In relation to the subject, we at PQC associates would on professional terms & our business principles, kindly apologize to have been unable to complete the consignment as per the stipulated time frame on contractual basis. On account of this indecent performance, on behalf of the goodwill & reputation of the firm, we would like to compensate for your damages beared by you if any to avoid any spoilage of business dealings & prospective transactions.

Having understood the inconvenience caused to you, we regret beyond the limitless expressions & also assure in good positive faith.

Further we once again kindly request you to overlook us for the last time & also make us aware without any hesitations for our any of the unintentional default on our part in the future.

Thanking You;

Yours Sincerely.

For PQC Associates.

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