Family Reunion Welcome Letter

A Family Reunion Welcome letter is an important letter that makes the recipient welcomed back to the family, especially for a reunion. The letter holds forgiveness of past misgivings that a family is willing to part in welcoming back the recipient. Joyous times are ahead for the recipient and his family.


The Pattersons
3200 Grand Street
Sugar Land, TX 99832

January 20, 2011


William Patterson
682 Hillside Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Dearest William

RE: Family Reunion Welcome

We are so delighted to hear from you after 5 years of silence. We parted on not very happy terms but you were always on our minds.

We are more than excited to hear that you are coming back next month. We are opening our hearts and hands to welcome you back. Let bygones be bygones! You are still part of our family. We will always love you and welcome you in our midst. It would be a great opportunity to spend time with you again.

We look forward to your soon return. Do let us know your time of arrival and we shall be there to pick you up. Your room is being prepared for your stay.

With all our love,
Dad, Mom, Jean, Joy & Marcus

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