Apology Love Letter

An Apology love letter can be written when one finds it hard to apologize face to face with a loved one. It is often hard to admit one’s wrong especially when loved ones are familiar with each other or both parties are too angry to listen. An apology letter is a good way to diffuse the anger and hurt as one reads the contents in a calmer environment.
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Business Apology Letter

This type of business apology letter would probably be addressed to customer clients, prospective business clients, associate partners, or even professional ones. This would signify the purpose for regret, any reasonable valid reasons, any compensation like discounts or rebates etc to be briefed up in a polite manner.
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Behavior Apology Letter

This letter would be addressed to superior or manager regarding the apology for the mistakes committed. It is one of the good ideas to state the exact reason for your apology. It shows the intent of your to admit for your mistakes. This letter confirms the reader that such a mistake will not be repeated again.
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Medical Apology Letter

Apology or sorry letters are one of the great ways to accept your mistake and say sorry to the person whom you have hurt. Apology or sorry letters consist of reason for making mistake, what is the mistake, and apology for the same mistake. The main Para is the important part of the letter thus it has to be written in such a way that receiver accept your apology. Along with receiver’s name and address your name and address should also be written for reference purpose.
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Damaged Property Apology Letter

In our lives, accidents happen. These accidents that may lead to damage property that may be difficult to handle, especially when you have a good relationship with the person involved. You may not be the culprit but you find yourself held responsible for the accident.

These may result to further misunderstandings, so it would be best to fix this as early as you can. Do not let damaged property turn into a ruined friendship as well. Remember to write your letter as soon as possible after the incident.

The secret to effectively apologize for damaged property is sincerity. Show the person that you are sincere and regretful of what happened. Also, be careful with the words that you say. Understand and admit that you have made a mistake. Don’t forget to explain your side of the issue as well. Ask for forgiveness but never demand for it. And lastly, assure them that you will compensate and make up for all the damages. Below is an example of a letter on how to write apologize for damaged property.
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Letter of Apology to Teacher

An Apology Letter to a teacher written by a student whose behavior was inappropriate. Not many people apologize but writing an Apology Letter may be an easier thing to do and actually a better way to show how sorry you really are.

Start the apology letter writing about what actually happened which is causing you to apologize. Then express your regrets and that you feel remorse for what you did. Ask that they accept your apologies. Finally write about the respect you have for the recipient of your letter and how much you value your relationship.

Dear {Mr./Ms. Last Name}

I am very sorry for what I {said, did, etc…} the other day. In hindsight, my {behavior, actions, etc…} were extremely childish, disruptive and disrespectful to you, my peers and the school.

You can expect better and more appropriate behavior from me in the future. I have learned from this experience and understand that a certain level of refrain and professionalism is expected of me in the classroom.

I recognize your dedication to education and your commitment to instill in me the knowledge I need to succeed. I hope our relationship is undamaged from my actions and that I can continue to learn and grow under your guidance.


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Apology Letter for not Joining Company

October 4, 2010

The HR Manager
Ganpat Ram Finance Pvt. Ltd.
245/86 NM Road

Dear Sir,

I have received your letter of appointment for the post of Accounts Manager and I am much obliged.  I had attended the interview in your company with much anticipation and eagerness to be able to work for a renowned firm like Ganpat Ram Finance.  However, I am really sorry to say that I will not be able to join your company for now.

I have got through CAT and secured an admission in IIM, Mumbai, to do a business administration course in Financial Management.  It is a wish come true and in the long run it will help me in building a strong career.  So I hope you will understand my situation and accept my apology.

Thank you once again for considering me for this post in your well-established office.  Hope I will have your blessings with me.

Yours Sincerely,
Devan Verma

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Apology Letter To Employee


Mr Colin,
Marketing manager,
BUY Shopping Mart,


Ms Stella,
Junior marketing manager,
BUY Shopping Mart,

Dear Ms Stella,

I, Mr Jack, am writing this letter to convey my apologies for the behaviour with which I have met you in the last few days. The thing is that there have been some rough times on my personal front and this has reflected severely on my character and behaviour in the recent times and most of the times, you were caught in the fire of vent all the irritation from me. I know this is no reason and hence I express my regret and remorse for the wrongdoing in the behavioural approach of mine.

I must appreciate the way you have calmed me and shoulder my responsibilities along with yours in these tough times for me. And instead of encouraging and appreciating you, I have blasted you off for nothing that you were responsible for. I suppose that you shall pardon me. I assure you dignity in my behaviour henceforth.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Jack

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