Funny Farewell Letter

Funny Farewell Letter is made in order to have a happy atmosphere though someone is about to leave. This letter is made to notify regarding the forthcoming relocation to other company. Though the situation is sad, through this letter it enables to lighten the atmosphere for the one leaving and feel a happy mood before leaving the company.

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Linda K. Jean
2611 Pheasant Ridge Road
Philadelphia, PA 19131


Finance Department
4915 Devils Hill Road
Jackson, MS 39211

March 15, 2013

Ref: A Happy Goodbye To My Colleagues

Dear Everyone,

Maybe you already know that I am about to leave the department. The reason behind this is that I am joining the other department which is the Legal Department were I will be the Head next month. This step is definitely a rise in my career. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone for helping me achieved the higher post.

For Ambhert, who always buy breakfast for me because she knows that I went to office not having anything for my stomach and I will definitely miss it everyday. But if you still want to buy me breakfast just go to my floor because my office was located there.

To Maricar, you can now have my mug. I’m pretty sure that you forgot your mug.

To Mae, there is a table clock in your table, which will remind you the time to take your break and the time to go home.

So, as I leave this wonderful department, I wish that the person who will take my post will easily be acquainted to all of you because of her good wit and character.

Best wishes to all.

Linda K. Jean

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