Mistakes are an inherent part of everyone’s lives. Everyone has committed a blunder, however big or small, at least once in his or her life. Some may be avoidable, others unavoidable. Some intentional, and some unintentional. What helps in such situations is the realization that the mistake has taken place. And that you are willing to make amends. If it is a personal relationship, then a face-to-face apology works best. But for those who shy away from or cannot bear the confrontation, apology letters always come in handy. Apart from the personal front, mistakes and misunderstandings are also a common part of day-to-day business activities. And in such cases, it is an absolutely necessary business writing practice, to give a written apology. This serves the purpose of written acceptance of the blunder committed and the evidence that the party at fault has duly agreed and cannot discredit the other party in case of any claims made. Let us see what a formal apology letter looks like. We will also see a sample letter of apology along with it. Just read ahead.

How to Write an Apology Letter
In order to know what an apology letter looks like, you must first know what exactly you must include in the letter. Let us see what these are before writing the apology letter.

Names of both parties
Reason for writing the letter
Brief description of the error committed
Apology for the error committed
Assurance that the error will not be repeated
Mention any compensation that you may have to give as a result of the error commission

Apology Letter Format
After these writing tips, let us move on to the format. With the help of the template given below, you can better understand the format.

An Example of Apology Letter

Your Name
Name of Your Organization
Address of Your Organization

Name of Addressee
Name of Organization
Address of Organization

Salutation (Dear Mr./Ms. is the widely accepted salutation)

I, (your name), would like to, on behalf of my organization (name of organization), profusely apologize for not being available to receive you at the (name of airport) on (date and time).

Your company (name of company) is one of our best clients and I was appalled when I heard that a misunderstanding had taken place. The driver had been given the wrong date by the administration. I have begun an inquiry and I assure you that such an error will never occur again.

I greatly appreciate the kind and professional manner in which you approached the matter with us. As a token of our appreciation, your company will receive a free pick-up and drop service for the next 10 trips.

Thanking you, once again.

Salutation (Sincerely, or Yours sincerely are the most commonly used ones).
Your Signature
Your Name
Your Designation
Seal of the Company

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