Letter of Apology to Customer

Dear {Customer Name}

Please let us apologize for the difficulties and inconvenience you experienced with {issue}.

We are deeply troubled that this issue has caused so much distress to you, our valued customer, and have looked into your complaint. After much review, we have narrowed down the cause of the issue to be {key staff changes, recent internal system update, office relocation, etc…}.

At {Company Name}, we are in constant pursuit of perfection and are already working on solutions that will prevent similar problems from occurring in the future. With {the creation of company wide training sessions, installing new back-up systems, creating an internal auditing team, etc…}, our process will be stronger than ever and will help eliminate the problems you experienced.

{If additional action is necessary:}
To show our deep appreciation for your continued support, we are providing you with {3 months worth of service, a free upgrade, etc…}.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to discuss it with me at {email, phone#, website, etc…}.

Yours in service,
{Company Representative}

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