Letter of Farewell

A letter of farewell is a letter that is written from one party to another when one of them is leaving. These letters are most commonly sent in the workplace when a long time employee is leaving, and the management wishes to express their gratitude for the work he has completed. People really seem to appreciate these letters when they leave, because it shows that they were appreciated.

Sample letter of farewell :

Andres D. Reyes

2784 Carolyns Circle
Dallas, TX 75209

Dear Andres

All of us at Unilever Furnishings are very sad to see you go.

When you came to work with us in 1998, some of us had doubts about your abilities. But, 10 years later, we have finally realized how valuable of an asset you were to our company. We realized you were the perfect person to add to our team.

We really enjoyed the way you came to work every day, always smiling and ready to put in your best effort. The level of productivity you achieved was incredible, and you made all the workers around you better.

We wish you nothing but good luck in your new job. We know that you will be successful in everything you do.


Everybody at Unilever Furnishings!

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