Letter of Opinion

A letter of opinion is a letter that is written, usually to a newspaper or magazine editor, expressing a reader’s opinion. They are most commonly criticisms of an article or new story where the writer has asked for feedback.  It is extremely important to remain professional when you are writing a letter of opinion. Far to often, the writers of these letters include rude comments and start to attack the writer of the article. If you want your opinion to be taken seriously, you need to state it in a calm, professional manner.

Sample letter of opinion :

Garry L. Langenfeld

377 Coffman Alley
Madisonville, KY 42431

Dear Mr. Lagenfeld,

I recently read your column on the Toronto Maple Leafs. I am writing this letter to express my displeasure with the way you described their situation.

Sure, they are not doing as well as expected, but they are still in a transition year. Obviously, the Toronto fans expect them to win the Stanley Cup every year, but we all know that will not happen. I just think that you should have cut them a little slack. I am sure they are trying their best, and having another media member slinging mud at them is not going to help them win any games.


Bob Jameison

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