Letter of Purpose

A letter of purpose is a general letter in almost any field that’s main objective is to state the writer’s purpose. It could be to find employment, to express wishes in attaining an academic entry slot, or even just to state their intentions in any other situation. They can be written by anybody, and can serve a wide variety of uses.

Tips for writing a letter of purpose:

  • Be clear: state explicitly what your intentions are
  • Be concise: don’t ramble on – just get to the point

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Sample letter of purpose :

June R. Murray

2642 Richland Avenue
Kemah, NJ 77565

Dear Mrs. Murray,

I am writing this letter to reaffirm my intentions of enrolling in the University of Northern New Jersey on the fall of 2009. I have attached my completed application, along with the required documents, to this letter.

I strongly believe that I would be an optimal candidate for a position at the University of Northern New Jersey. I have prospered in my high school studies, and continue to take an interest in higher levels of academia. I have volunteered in my community and have shown what an upstanding citizen I am.

I hope you make the right decision ion admitting me into the incoming class for the fall 2009 session at the University of Northern New Jersey.

Thank you for your time!


Jamie Langden

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