The apology letter is the letter written to someone to show that you are sorry for having done something wrong or unacceptable and says that you value your relationship with the other party. The apology letters can be written for business purpose or personal purpose. Depending on the nature of the letter, it can be written in either letter format. One should know how to write letters in order to write an apology letter. The letter writing tips will help you to write an effective apology letter.

Apologizing is the hardest thing to do. It is very much difficult to say “I am Sorry” and admit your mistake. If you realize your mistake but are unable to say sorry to the person, the apology letter can be the best medium to say sorry to him/her. For writing the apology letter, you should learn to write a letter of apology.

Tips to Write Apology Letter:

  • Address the person you are writing the letter by the name they are commonly called. Do not call the person by the pet name. That may not seem so sincere.
  • Mention the event about the mishap. Do not go into many details as it may make the person get offended again. But it is important to make the person think about the event when he/she is reading the letter.
  • Tell the person that you feel extremely sorry for the act and directly mention about the event in short again. When you mention what you are sorry about, it may help to clear up the misunderstandings between the two.
  • Explain to the person why you performed the act and how did it seemed right to you at that time? Explain to him/her that you intended to say something else and spoke something different. You were not in intention to hurt the feelings of the person.
  • Write in the letter how much the friendship and love of the person means to you and that you don’t wish to lose it.
  • While ending the letter, mention that you will do whatever it takes to make it up. Finish the letter by signing your name. Mention your name clearly while signing off. Do not use pet name as it is not appropriated for the situation.

One can easily apologize in the letter rather than apologizing in person. The apology letters can help the person to say sorry; something one cannot do in person.

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