Letter of Opinion

A letter of opinion is a letter that is written, usually to a newspaper or magazine editor, expressing a reader’s opinion. They are most commonly criticisms of an article or new story where the writer has asked for feedback.  It is extremely important to remain professional when you are writing a letter of opinion. Far to often, the writers of these letters include rude comments and start to attack the writer of the article. If you want your opinion to be taken seriously, you need to state it in a calm, professional manner.
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Letter of Ownership

A letter of ownership is a short letter that is usually written to verify that someone is authorized to formally change the ownership of an object. For example, when selling a car, it is common for the seller to issue a letter of ownership to the buyer, so when they go and register the car, they can prove that they are actually the owner. Without this information, it would not be possible for the new owner to register the car.

Another possible use for a letter of ownership is to prove you earn a certain asset. For example, a letter of ownership could be issued by a bank to a homeowner as a way to verify that they actually do own their home. This can be used to go to another lending institution to take out a loan against your house, or to prove you have the collateral to make a large purchase.
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Letter of Good Moral Character

A letter of good moral character is a letter that is written by someone you know who will vouch for your moral character. Almost anyone can write one of these for you, but they are more valuable if they are written by someone of distinction, including a past employer, a priest, or someone with a notable position. A letter of good moral character is commonly used for job applications to show what kind of person you are.
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Letter of Map Amendment

A letter of map amendment is a letter that is used to notify the appropriate people of an amendment to a map. These types of letters are relatively uncommon, and unless you are a geologist or a geographer, you will probably never see one. Map amendments are usually used when amending flood zones or specific conservation areas. They usually include an attached map to visually demonstrate the changes made. Many times, they will include specific GPS coordinates to make it easier for the recipient to record the changes in their computer or navigation device.
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Letter of Presentation

The letter of presentation is a letter that you send to a potential employer to demonstrate your desire to gain employment within their organization. It is usually the first letter your potential employer will read, so it is extremely important to sell yourself to them, explicitly stating why you would like to work for them and what benefits you could bring to their organization.

Tips for writing a letter of presentation :

-Emphasize your strength: state why you would be a good candidate for the job you are applying for

-Demonstrate your interest: be genuine in demonstrating how much you would enjoy working for the company in question
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Business Apology Letter

This type of business apology letter would probably be addressed to customer clients, prospective business clients, associate partners, or even professional ones. This would signify the purpose for regret, any reasonable valid reasons, any compensation like discounts or rebates etc to be briefed up in a polite manner.
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Behavior Apology Letter

This letter would be addressed to superior or manager regarding the apology for the mistakes committed. It is one of the good ideas to state the exact reason for your apology. It shows the intent of your to admit for your mistakes. This letter confirms the reader that such a mistake will not be repeated again.
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Personal Apology Letter Sample

This kind of charming but rather sugar coated letter would mostly be addressed to one’s close friend, relatives for any reason to be penitent or even for some unintended mistake & thereby express a sense of good conviction to avoid for any future clashes. This would signify just the essence to regret from a very personal touch.
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Medical Apology Letter

Apology or sorry letters are one of the great ways to accept your mistake and say sorry to the person whom you have hurt. Apology or sorry letters consist of reason for making mistake, what is the mistake, and apology for the same mistake. The main Para is the important part of the letter thus it has to be written in such a way that receiver accept your apology. Along with receiver’s name and address your name and address should also be written for reference purpose.
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Apology Letter to Girlfriend

There are two types of expressing your apology or sorry to the person whom you have hurt one is verbal other one is in writing. Whereas writing a letter for making apology can be beneficial for getting great response. Whenever a person writes an apology letter he/she has to make sure that the letter should be written in a polite and good manner. So that whenever the person read the letter should accept your apology.
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