Personal Apology Letter Sample

Free sample letters of apology for personal and professional situations. Also, tips on writing apology letters.

This kind of charming but rather sugar coated letter would mostly be addressed to one’s close friend, relatives for any reason to be penitent or even for some unintended mistake & thereby express a sense of good conviction to avoid for any future clashes. This would signify just the essence to regret from a very personal touch.

Angelina Joshi.

37-A, Hiranandani Gardens,

Powai Lake Road.

8th Sept’ 2010.

My dear bestie,

Hey buddy, I never thought I will ever have to write this one & that to for a one like you. Anyways without reminding about that dreadly moment when I had to be rude & a bit arrogant with you for just a not so important issue.

Having realized my fault & just that I should not have been at any cost or point of time reacted with you I did to you. So without any hesitance I would just like to sincerely apologize for anything & everything to be on safer side & taking a back foot just not to lose you as a one beyond just a friend, guide, philosopher etc.

Lastly it’s just a sincere request to take me in to consideration & understand me for the feelings I wanted to express & smoke that incident in the polluted air.

With Warm Regards.


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